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This has rather fallen by the wayside - I haven't used this tag since August last year. I don't think the drop in posting is unrelated to my return to full-time work on top of a tiny. Rather than try to catch up with almost a year's worth of reviews, I wanted to make a note of titles I know I've read and anything that sticks with me.

Remainder of 2015

55 - Journey of Joenes - Robert Sheckley - schlocky sci-fi in a sort-of-Odyssey retold sort of way, 1960s America through a prism of historical whotsit. Pretty dire.

56 - Thrones, dominations - Dorothy L. Sayers - the last of the Wimsey books, actually finished off by Jill Paton Walsh. Quite enjoyable.

57 - The ladies of Grace Adieu and other stories - Susanna Clarke. What the author of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell did next - short stories set in the same fantastical world, developing the backstory and cast of characters. Good fun.

58 - Percy Jackson and the last Olympian - Rick Riordan. Eh.

59 & 60 - Cold Fire and Cold Steel - Kate Elliott - finishing off the Cold Magic trilogy. Lots of moving around a world, with a bit in a pseudo-Caribbean, and this was just generally great fun and I was sorry when I got to the end of it.

61 - This New Noise - Charlotte Higgins - a history/overview of the BBC, with a particularly focus on prominent women. Aimed at general readership. Generally interesting, although style grated in places.

62 - Steven Saylor - Rubicon - another murder mystery, this time around a mysterious death in Gordianus the Finder's garden. Fairly entertaining.

63 & 64 - Naamah's Kiss and Naamah's Curse - Jacqueline Carey - more from this particular world with lots of silliness and good entertainment value.

65 - Weaning Made Easy - Rana Conway - did what it said on the tin.

66 - The Gentle Sleep Book - Sarah Ockwell-Smith - AMAZING. Made a total difference to how I was feeling about the child, sleep, our approach to sleep... everything, really. Utterly validating and made me feel a lot more positive about our choices.

67 - BabyCalm - Sarah Ockwell-Smith - came to this one a bit late, I think. Which reminds me, I want to read her ToddlerCalm and see how we get on with that.

68 & 69 - Rome Burning and Savage City - Sophia McDougall - finishing off the trilogy. Sharp, raw, angry stuff. Some convincing and interesting world-building. Not entirely satisfied with where it ends, but that's hardly surprising. I don't think you're supposed to be.

70 - Deadly Election - Lindsey Davis - the next in the Albia series. Not much really stood out here, although reminding myself of it I do recall a pleasing emphasis on what it would have been like to grow up in an auctioneer's house.

71 - Essex Land Girls - Dee Gordon - a labour of local historical love about women working on the land in this part of England. About which I had known nothing, and now know a bit.

72 - Unconditional Parenting - Alfie Kohn. Another OMG read - went a lot further than I have interest in doing, but challenged some assumptions and made me rethink some stuff. In a good way.

73 - The Maze Runner - James Dashner. More apocalyptic YA. Sadly has nothing to do with the Minotaur.

74 - Ancillary Justice - Ann Leckie. Last in the trilogy. Enjoyed.

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