Date: 2015-05-03 07:54 pm (UTC)
>> sounds obvious, but frankly I need reminding...

Somewhere in the TLL archives for November is my "if the 2-week-old baby will never let me put her down, when will she develop the body strength to do the things she's supposed to do"? And yet here she is at six months, sitting and experimenting with standing slightly ahead of schedule!

The thing I keep telling myself is that on the one hand you get "they must be put on their front to develop their neck muscles", and yet on the other hand, never have I heard it said, "Ah, she has weak neck muscles because she didn't get enough Tummy Time as a baby." I pointed out the same thing to a friend of mine who is in a tizzy because her seven-month-old still isn't sleeping well: despite living in a culture which likes to blame mothers for most things, I've never, ever heard of someone's adult problems being blamed on their parents' inability to get them into a good sleep schedule before they were one-year-old. (Their *parent's* problems, yes. But not the adult child's!)

Beyond basic (and mostly instinctive) stuff like eye-contract, cuddling and chatting for at least some of the day, I'm sure most of the development stuff is way more about is keeping feeling active and useful than it is about the baby's development!

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