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A Breath of Scandal

This is a Very Silly film featuring Sophia Loren as a young Austrian noblewoman, widowed, who is to be married to a Prince of Prussia but gets entangled with a brash young American business man who has entirely different ideas to her about how to behave, love, romance, and basically everything else. It's a frightfully silly film that's clearly designed to be a star vehicle for Loren, but honestly, I rather enjoyed it! There's some cracking dialogue of the overdramatic part (mainly from Loren's mother, played by Isabel Jeans), and while there doesn't seem to be a great deal of positive critical reception about it, it's a fun, frothy concoction that isn't trying to do anything particularly deep or meaningful, but is essentially enjoying itself. As such, I enjoyed it too as something to watch with the feet up and unwind with.

The First Wives Club

I am sure I have seen this in the past, but can't remember it, so figured I'd review. Three old college friends get together after the suicide of the fourth of their friendship group, having lost touch over the years, to discover they've all essentially been jilted by their first husbands for young models. Revenge is on the cards, which then turns into founding a centre for women who need the kind of support that their dead friend could have used. It's all extremely silly and over the top, but it's also once again one of those films that's there to watch and enjoy, and not worry too much about how plausible the various scenarios are. It's paper-thin in places, but why bother to tear it when you can enjoy? I could also have Massive Moments of OMG about some of the context around the character played by Bette Midler, circulating mainly around the issue of weight and Jewishness, but I'm too tired to wear my film critic's hat so I'll let you fill in the gaps.
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